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The process

... working

I only use sections from trees that have already fallen to create my prints. The trees fall naturally due to age or weather or in some cases are felled as part of a woodland management plan. 
The cut section is then worked into a printing block with a plane and sander, it has to be smooth and flat before a hand print can be made.

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... inking

The prepared block is then burnt and wire brushed to reveal and accentuate the structure of the tree ring pattern before a layer of printing ink is rolled over the surface.

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... printing

The paper is layed upon the inked block and pressure is carefully but firmly applied by hand or the back of a spoon until a clear impression of the tree ring patten is transfered from the block to the paper.

I use Fabriano Unica 50% cotton 250g printing paper which has a slight texture and a natural white finish.

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... cutting

The print is then cut and combined with inked cut shapes creating layers and a relief element that gives the finshed print a depth and intrigue.

The triangle and square shapes in red or black are a representation of 'warning', 'concern' and 'cutting' and the green circles for 'hope' and 'new planting'. They are used in conjunction with the cut tree print to highlight and provoke a conversation about the loss of our trees and woodlands.

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