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Exhibiting 2024:

Open Studio, Hertfordshire

Aldenham Art Festival, Aldenham

Big Art Fair, Hitchen

Open Gallery, Halifax

Living Crafts, Hatfield

Fox Yard Studio, Suffolk

Henderson Hub, Hertfordshire

AKA Gallery, Cambridge

Gallery at Green and Stone, London

Exhibited 2023:

Tarpey Gallery, Donnington

London Art Biennale, London

The Old Lock Up, Matlock

Heart of the Tribe Gallery, Glastonbury

Artist Statement:

My influence is the light, form and emotion we find within woodlands and landscapes and the elements they provide such as horizons and tree structures and comes from a passion for protecting our natural habitats and how we as humans move and respond within the natural world. Using a combination of paint, ink, ply, fire and physical intervention my paintings are an abstract exploration of this visual environment and my prints are direct interpretations of cut tree sections and the structures within.

'... and as the darkness engulfs us are we filled with fear and apprehension or do we relish the safety of being unseen'

Repeated paint layers of a reductive palette are applied to the ply surface which are subsequently eroded by a combination of burning with flame and heated tools, scraping with various metal edged tools and brushing with different densities of brush and cloths, this process of repeated erosion which often leads to the top layer of ply being breached to reveal the next provides both depth and texture and influences the colour shades, tones and muted hues above.

The introduction of a flame and the physical working of the surface are integral parts in both my paintings and my prints, representing destruction and regeneration. The inclusion of the enhanced wood grain by way of the controlled burning enables natural elements such as knots and tree ring pattens to be followed and used as a necessary part of the paintings structure and to expose the ring formations in my prints.

'light and dark, dark and light, repeat, repeat, repeat, over and over again, erode, rearrange, change until we can no more'

I use 18mm ply board for these paintings which are designed to be hung without frames, the exposed edges are cleaned and painted black. However, the smaller paintings on thin ply that become delicate with the working are framed under glass as are my tree ring prints.

Always allowing for chance, often led by the grain within the ply board and with an emphasis on repetition and erosion the paintings are prompted and nudged towards a mutual resolution.


Geoffrey Howe

After my formal art and design studies and some years working with interior designers on new house builds I have been working within woodlands and landscapes with the Woodland Trust and managing light and dark through a lens with Vitsoe. I set up my art practice in 2005 creating abstract art in various forms and materials for private collections and galleries. My work is exhibited widely across the UK.

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